May 29, 2011


I initially created this site a long time ago, on a computer long since recycled, to showcase some of my photography. My other intent was to creat a workable template system for blogging, as it then had yet to be called. Shortly after Wordpress, god bless them, came into exsistance and working fulltime, enjoying life pulled me away from that purpose. But really it was mostly word press.

I have always prefered to hand code HTML and CSS rather than rely on WYSIWIG editors. They have there place and time, but they also have a mind of their own. Both HTML and CSS have changed for the better over the past few years and this site, due to time contraints is a little behind in that regard. Both my fulltime and freelance work did not suffer from that.

I have recently taken time way from working fulltime, leaving my job of nearly six years in an uncertain economy, to spend time with my daughter. It was scary decison, but one I will be eternally thankful that I made. Almost a year later I find myself making the scary decision to leave my daughter and retun to work fulltime. She says that I'll be ok. <insert huge smile/>.

One of these days I'm going to update this site or at the least move it to wordpress.

You have a lovely day now.